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The Urban Arts Gallery is accepting artist submissions now through December 14th! We are scheduling exhibitions starting February 2020 through January 2021.

The gallery welcomes submissions from emerging & established artists in all mediums that would like to be considered for exhibition and/or selling items in our boutique.

Urban Arts Gallery focuses on showcasing contemporary works in the spectrum of street art, pop culture works, and fine art.  We encourage the appreciation of city life and cultural diversity as well as aiming to highlight the talent that exists in SLC and artists that have Utah ties.  

Keeping in mind the large amount of exhibit space available, Individual artists will be paired with others to make group shows. 

Lastly, be aware that submitting does NOT guarantee acceptance. This call will be open until December 14th at midnight. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the themes of next year's shows?

A: We take a somewhat nontraditional approach to curation here. Rather than choosing themes beforehand, we group artists together based on their personal styles and subject matter. For example, if you create surreal work with lots of animals as the main subjects, we may put you together with other artists in a "Surrealist" show, and/or an "Animals" show. By doing this, we hope to create exhibits with an interesting diversity of styles, and give as many artists opportunities to show their work as possible. 

That having been said, there are a few exhibits in 2020 for which themes HAVE been chosen. If you don't have work relating to these themes right now, don't worry, you'll have another opportunity to submit for them specifically as they draw closer. These are:

February 2020: "Music" theme (title TBD) - Artists can submit pieces of specific musicians or instruments. Proceeds from the show will support the Utah Arts Alliance's radio station, KUAA 99.9fm.  

May 2020: "Star Wars / Heroes and Villains" - Continuing an annual tradition, our May show will feature fan art from such popular franchises as Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, and practically any other sci-fi/fantasy title you choose.

September 2020: "The 10th Annual Skate Deck Challenge" - Open call for art made with blank skate decks. There are no restrictions in terms of subject, style, or media. 

Q: I make work in a variety of styles and subjects. How do I know what to submit?

A: In that case, please submit a sampling of as many of your styles as you'd like. If you're chosen for certain exhibits, we'll let you know which of your styles we'd like to include.

Q: Can I submit both an exhibition proposal as well as an individual artist submission?

A: Yes, in that case you should fill out both this form as an individual artist, as well as the exhibition proposal form (you can find this one by returning to urbanartsgallery.submittable.com)

Q: Do you only accept art from Utah artists?

A: No, not exclusively. We definitely focus on promoting local art from Utah, but we also showcase artists from other states and even other countries. Keep in mind that if your art requires shipping, that YOU are responsible for shipping the work to the gallery, as well as providing a return shipping label for when the exhibit ends. We can never guarantee that your work will sell.

Q: Are there rules for art in terms of content or subject matter?

A: The short answer is no. However, we are located in the Gateway, a public family-friendly mall in downtown Salt Lake City, so we ask that you treat controversial subject matter with good taste. We reserve the right to cut any art from an exhibit which we feel is overly offensive in any way.

Have other questions? Contact us at staff@utaharts.org